大学生英语演讲稿 hold fast to your dreams怎么写-开头和结尾(精选20个)

第1个开头:大学生英语演讲稿精选一 i have been in university for about one year. during my stay here, i came to realize that university life is like drinking coke. we


开头:大学生英语演讲稿精选一 i have been in university for about one year. during my stay here, i came to realize that university life is like drinking coke. we experience all tastes of life here, sour, sweet, bitter and hot.

结尾:minutes before , but now i am here and have finished my speech . here is the last thing i want to add to my topic ,face to it and overcome it ,language learning is just like some barriers that if you want to sweep away it ,you can make it . that is all . thank you very much!


开头:first i must say the campus life is really different from what i have experienced in high school.for instance,i used to lean upon my dormitory teache r to wake me up on time.but now i have to set several alarm clocks to make myself could hear them in the morning otherwise i would miss my class.and then even worse there would be nobody remind me

结尾:our university has the first level equipments and the most experienced teachers,also has the best students(laugh).i consider it to be a honor that i’ve got a chance to study here and i sincerely hope that we could live wonderful lives in our campus! 大学生即兴英语演讲稿


开头:good aftrnoon, ladies and gentlemen: my topic today is “the internet will become more popular.” the internet, which was unfamiliar to human beings is totally accepted by most of people. especially these days, it has been developing faster and faster, people do not have much time to do everything by themselves. so making full use of the internet is a good way to color one’s life.

结尾:well, from what has been mentioned above, i believe with the high speed and efficiency, the internet will become more and more popular among people in the near future. thank you very much!


开头:soy food good for women women who ate soy regularly as children have a lower risk of breast cancer, american researchers report. and men who eat fish several times a week have a lower risk of colon cancer, a second team of researchers have told the american association for cancer research.



开头:sino-japan problem is always a sensitive topic, a fuse which can trigger a serial of explosion. some so-called patriots argue that buying domestic products is patriotism and proclaim that in particular all the chinese should reject goods marked “made in japan”.

结尾:what has been called for in the loudest voice is usually the most lacking one. ramble roars in the movie “first blood”-i have done everything for my country, what has my country done for me?! nowadays, we badly need a rewritten version of kennedy’s famous saying “ask not only what you can do for your country but also what your country can do for you.” 大学生即兴英语演讲稿3分钟


开头:good evening, honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen. it’s my great pleasure to stand here to present my speech—change the world, change ourselves. it’s noticable that western holidays are becoming increasingly popular day by day, while chinese traditional festivals are being somewhat neglected. not long before about 10 doctors in beijing university and qinghua unversity announced that we should reject the invasion of western holidays ,because they regard western holidays as an challenge against our traditional festivals and culture.

结尾:with the further development of the whole world, the cultural communication between different countries and nations becomes faster and more and more important. we are indeed from different nations, but we are the citizens of the same world, so the outstanding culture of different nations is the commom wealth of everyone on the earth.the only way for us to protect our traditional culture is to reject the foreign culture? the answer is definitely no. what we ought to do is to spare no effort to educate chinese to get to know and treasure our splendid traditions instead of rejecting foreign culture. only by educating can we set our confidence and belief towards our culture. only by educating can we preserve and promote the wealth that our ancesters left for us. at last i’d like to share a famouse saying of gandhi with all of you ,that is:if you want to change the world, then you must change yourself first.”


开头:what life is about as we all know, the most important thing in life is our attitude towards it, tons of men have tried different ways of treating life, and some succeeded, some failed, and here are some of the tips they left us.



开头:when i saw the titile of this essay i am supposed to be writing about, all i felt were its broadness and abstractness. though i am a chinese myself, it had always seemed complicated to tell how much exactly my nationality meant to me until that unforgettable experience in the chinese embassy at the u.k, which made a significant difference to my life. only when i was abroad did i realize how proud i always was for my great country and clarify the relationship between china and me, referring it to that between a mother and a child desperate for help.

结尾:we successfully returned to beijing the next day and i still couldn’t forget the moment when i felt so much closer to my motherland than any other time given, as though our hearts were beating in one melody. had my motherland not saved the day, we would never came back home so quickly without any restriction. for that one brief second when i was handed the brand new passport with a chinese flag printed on it, my heart was overflowed with the pride for my own nation because never has a country i known connected to its people so close as the way my motherland and us related. i was like a child, crying and desperate for help while my mother china is the harbor to hold me, this small vulnerable boat. even though i was out of home, my motherland remained inseparated from me no matter how far i go and is always there to help me back on track whenever in need. i wish you a happy birthday, china. i am so proud of you not only because of your obvious amazing pace in economical development, but also due to the relieved and warm way i felt when i was abroad and enjoyed your ray of love shone on my body and heart. you are the spirits dancing in my blood, the strength holding up my body and and essence making up my soul. i am so honored as a chinese, a member of this dynamic and loving country. for your development and future, it is my responsibility to settle you safely through all the numerous difficulties until we finally make it to the bank where happinese and prosperity is waiting. i love you, china, my dearest mother!


开头:we and our yellow river: thriving together good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. the issue of the yellow river has become the biggest concern of members of the chinese peoples political consultative conference. my childhood, in fact, is closely associated with the river. my father is an engineering geologist, and he used to take me with him on his trips to the hydropower stations on the river. i enjoyed those trips, especially the trip to longyang xia reservoir. although ten years have passed since my visit, i can still recall the scenery; i can still recall the water i saw at the reservoir. it was pure, clean and blue, not like the water i saw in the middle reaches of the river, which had turned brown and muddy after passing through the loess plateau.

结尾:and these farmers, men and women i don’t know, gave me the confidence that we and our yellow river will grow together, and someday in the future, we will be able to drink the clean water from our yellow river again, because she is our dearest mother. thank you.


开头:(96年“21世纪杯全国大学生英语演讲比赛”二等奖获得者,北京外国语大学 徐义成) facing this audience on the stage, i have the exciting feeling of participating in the march of history, for what we are facing today is more than a mere competition or contest. it is an assembly of some of china’s most talented and motivated people, representatives of a younger generation that are preparing themselves for the coming of a new century.

结尾:we are not going to evade that responsibility. we are going to let people down. and people, far and near, will hear of us. frost will be brought to their backbones and tears to their eyes when our stories are told and retold, so let us go forth, my fellow members of this luckily chosen generation, and meet the new century in victory and glory.


开头:good afternoon, my dear friends. i am very happy to meet you here.it is my great honor to communicate with you at such a special occation.first of all,please allow me to express my appreciation to you all to listion to me.

结尾:finally, i hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy person to our country, and make great contributions to the society! 大学生即兴英语演讲稿三分钟


开头:大学生面对金融危机的英语优秀演讲稿 confronting the financial crisis ,what should we college students do ? honourable judges ,ladies and gentlemen :

结尾:my fellow friends ,please remember , ‘heaven never helps the man who will not act ‘ every man is the architect of his own fortune , no matter how wicked the environment is ,i do believe a brilliant and original person still can realize his value and make contribution to our society 。 thank you very much for your attention !!!


开头:honourable judges and friendsgood morning! i am very glad to be here to share my college life with you . two years ago i came into this city of and started my college life the most memorable journey of my life. i was just a shy and little girl that time. all the things seemed fresh to me: new faces large library and physics lab etc. i breathed the air of college greedily i was curious about everything.the class given by the teachers are excellent.they provide us with information not only from our textbook but from other sources as well.i actively involved in student union and varies of association. but soon i realized that i do not make full use of my spare time so i got a part-time job to help a junior student with math lessons besidesi also took part in activities concerning public welfare. we taught the kids there who could not afford school i was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn the precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us–future teachers. the enrichment of experience taught me the significance of modestyresponsibilitytoleranceand perseverance.

结尾:在未来2年内我将尽我最大的努力和社会做出伟大的贡献!这就是我的大学生活。我珍惜在大学里我经历了。我爱你我的大学! 这是所有谢谢! 我的大学生活英语演讲稿范文


开头:nature is our mother自然是我们的母亲by tan ying(谭英 湖南大学)专家点评:文章开头较有新意,全文贯穿环保意识,主题鲜明、有强烈的时代感。let me begin my speech with a replay of scenes familiar to most, if not all, of those present here today.请允许我用一个我们今天在座的大部分人,就算不是全部,都很熟悉的场景来展开我的演讲。’mum, i’m sorry, but i need 3,000 yuan for my tuition this year.’“妈妈,不好意思,今年的学费要三千元。”’mum, it is my friend’s birthday tomorrow, i must buy her a present.’“妈妈,明天是我朋友的生日,我要给她买份礼物。”’mum, this jacket was out of fashion long ago, would



开头:what would you do if you failed? many people may choose to give up. however, the surest way to success is to keep your direction and stick to your goal. on your way to success, you must keep your direction. it is just like a lamp, guiding you in darkness and helping you overcome obstacles on your way. otherwise, you will easily get lost or hesitate to go ahead.

结尾:thursday, he anxiously called at 12:28. the recording told him that his jury service was finished! all he had to do was mail in the affidavit that had come in the white envelope. archie put the affidavit into an envelope, put a 41-cent first class stamp on the envelope, and drove to the post office. whistling as he dropped the envelope into the mailbox, he happily washed his hands once again of the “privilege” of doing jury service.


开头:for some creatures including human beings; the phenomena of el nino and la nina leave the land with serious flood and drought, and the diseases, caused by pollution, are increasing at an incredible speed… seeing all these facts, can we still ignore the counterattack of nature? we are not the masters of nature. facing all the disasters made by ourselves, we, mankind as a whole should realize that we are just a normal member of the big family of nature. any mistreatment towards nature will meet only with the revenge from her.

结尾:i am very pleased to find that now more and more people, from every corner of the planet, have come to realize that harmony with nature is the only way to universal and continuous progress and prosperity. and i think that is why we come here from all over the country to discuss this topic today. i want to end my speech by quoting from mr. nixon. ‘our destiny offers, not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.’ the future is not ours to see of course. however, by seizing firmly the opportunities, by knowing clearly about ourselves, we, human beings, can doubtlessly achieve the real harmony with nature! thank you. 大学生环保英语演讲稿


开头:have been in university for about one year. during my stay here, i came to realize that university life is like drinking coke. we experience all tastes of life here, sour, sweet, bitter and hot. i am from province, which is far away from here. i often miss my mum, friends, and relatives in my hometown. however, i can’t see them very often. so loneliness always keeps me company. i am sad that i can’t be there with them.

结尾:喝可乐是美妙的,尽管undesirble随之打嗝。这是苦的,酸和暴躁,而且甜。你甚至可以感觉到激动下一杯。全身后,一个大学的经验是成长的一部分。我们哭泣,微笑着,坠入爱河,受伤,离开,学习,然后我们做一个更好的人。 大学生活就像喝可乐。我的感受。我知道,我喜欢它!


开头:good afternoon, ladies and gentleman! first i want to say is that i’m very proud of to be invited to to present my topic here, which is “ internet civilization”. before i begin my topic, please allow me to ask you a question: every time you click the mouse to surf the web, do you know what does it mean?

结尾:all of my dear friends here, on the internet, which role did you play? which role are you playing? and which role will you play? thank you very much! 大学生关于英语演讲稿范文


开头:china has its own sport legends. back to song dynasty, people started to play a game called cuju, which is regarded as the origin of ancient football. so now, you will understand why our women football team is so good today.

结尾:i am afraid i cannot prevent the whole picture of our cultural programs within such a short period of time. actually, what we have shown you here today is only a fraction of beijing that awaits you. ladies and gentlemen, i believe that beijing will prove to be a land of wonders to athletes, spectators and the worldwide television audience alike. come and join us. thank you. thank you all. 大学生英语演讲稿5分钟


开头:it is easy to describe success in terms of money, fame and reputation. but i believe that success is not external. i believe that success comes from within. my definition of success is to be true to yourself, and be true to others. that means, that you must cherish your personal ideal even in the face of adversity. i also believe that success is not discriminatory. success is not restricted to such a class of people, in fact, it may be achieved by any person irrespective of his race, creed, gender and economic background. a good example of success is that of beethoven. he is one of the world’s most famous composers, yet he was deaf. he could not hear the majestic pieces of music that he created. yet, in the face of this adversity, he was able to maintain his ideals–that of composing music.


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