英语演讲稿 the way to happiness怎么写-开头和结尾(精选20个)

第1个开头:英语演讲稿书写格式 从大的方面看,英语 演讲词实际上是属于一种特殊的说明文或议论文,其基本组成部分是:结尾:when the aerials are down,and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice o


开头:英语演讲稿书写格式 从大的方面看,英语 演讲词实际上是属于一种特殊的说明文或议论文,其基本组成部分是:

结尾:when the aerials are down,and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism,then you are grown old,even at 20,but as long as your aerials are up,to catch waves of optimism,there is hope you may die young at 80. thank you! 英语演讲稿


开头:ladies and gentlemen: my name is tiffany, a year 2 student from the university of macau. i am currently an active member of the university public speaking team, president of the honours college student association, and also the vice president of the event department in marketing society. i am very active and outgoing. i enjoy being with people, engaged in conversations with them so that i can understand them more. i like public speaking as it can help increase my self-esteem and self-confidence. aside from public speaking, i am also good at english recitation. i have joined the macao-wide english individual recitation for a number of times when i was studying in the secondary school.

结尾:faith is important…, faith is vital…, faith is necessary for us to live our lives. if we do not have faith, we are like a car without a steeling wheel. we can only afford to move along a straight and smooth path, and cannot meet any challenge in our lives. one must understand that no matter how smooth the road is, it is impossible for a car to go without a steering wheel. or, put it in another way, have you ever seen a car without a steering wheel on the road? so, act now, my friends, find out what you believe in, find out your anchor in your life, hold on to your steeling wheel of your car, drive on, and reach your destination. thank you very much. 关于英语的演讲稿范文


开头:nowadays more and more young people prefer to follow the fashion. the word ‘fashion’ is generally used to mean style in clothing. they make people handsome and cool. also, fashion can be something strange. from that we can be different from others. but all of these can change from time to time. and valuable personal qualities and characters never change. so i think they are the true fashions.

结尾:to protect the environment is fashion. if you don’t use the plastic bags and do something to protect our earth, you are fashionable. so let’s form good personal qualities. let’s follow the fashion.


开头:at his trial in 1964, nelson mandela closed his statement from the dock saying, ‘i have foughtagainst white domination, and i have fought against black domination. i have cherished theideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and withequal opportunities. it is an ideal which i hope to live for and to achieve. but if needs be, it isan ideal for which i am prepared to die.’



开头:1)开始时对听众的称呼语 最常用的是 ladies and gentlemen,也可根据不同情况,选用 fellow students, distinguished guests, mr chairman, honorable judges(评委)等等。 2)提出论题 由于演讲的时间限制,必须开门见山,提出论题。提出论题的方法有各种各样,但最生动,最能引起注意的是用举例法。比如:你要呼吁大家关心贫穷地区的孩子,你可以用亲眼看到的或者收集到的那些贫穷孩子多么需要帮助的实例开始。另外,用具体的统计数据也是一个有效的引出论题的方法,比如:你要谈遵守交通规则的话题,你可以从举一系列有关车辆、车祸等的数据开始。

结尾:演讲稿对于演讲都有哪些作用呢?主要体现在以下几方面:(1)整理演讲者的思路、提示演讲的内容、限定演讲的速度;(2)引导听众,使听众能更好地理解演讲的内容;(3)通过对语言的推究提高语言的表现力,增强语言的感染力。 由于演讲稿具有以上的特征和作用,它在写作方法上也有一定方法可循。


开头:there is a large blackboard on the front wall. my teacher writes our homework on it. there is a birthday chart on the back wall. my teacher puts our names and birthdays on it.

结尾:there are our drawings on the side wall. this is mine.this is jenny s. there is a reading couch in the corner. this is my favorite place.


开头:演说题目:how your brain decides what is beautiful 演说者:anjan chatterjee it’s 1878. sir francis galton gives aremarkable talk. he’s speaking to the anthropologic institute of great britainand ireland. known for his pioneering work in human intelligence, galton is abrilliant polymath. he’s an explorer, an anthropologist, a sociologist, apsychologist and a statistician. he’s also a eugenist.

结尾:比如,因寄生虫而造成死亡 并不是人类前几名的死因,至少在技术发达的世界中不是。从抗生素到手术,从生育控制到试管授精,繁殖成功的过滤器已经被放宽了。在这些放宽的条件下,偏好与特性的组合可以自由搭配,也变得更多样性。即使我们会深深影响我们的环境,现代医学及技术创新会深深影响着 我们对美的定义。即使我们正在改变全世界,普世价值对美的定义也在改变。 thank you.(applause) 谢谢大家。(掌声)


开头:演说者:toby shapshak let me start by asking you a question, just with a show of hands: who has an iphone? who has an android phone? who has a blackberry? who will admit in public to having a blackberry?

结尾:因此,人们喜欢称非洲为“移动先行大陆”但实际上它是“只有移动”,所以当别人在做所有这些事情的时候,我们在解决世界的问题。最后要说的是。 [‘you’re welcome’] [‘欢迎你’]


开头:over the past spring festival, i got involved in a family dispute. right before i got home, four satellite channels of cctv were added to the 14 channels we had already had. in prime time at night, they all had interesting shows. therefore, the five of us-my parents, my sisters and i-had to argue over what to watch. finally, we agreed that we should watch the ‘most interesting’ programme… if we could agree what that was.

结尾:all these people, known and unknown, make up our big human family. at different points, they came into my life and broaden my perspective. now as i am to make choices for myself, it is time to make efforts to improve their lives, because a world will benefit us all only if every one in it can lead a peaceful and prosperous life.


开头:lan and fred were boys. they were both twelve years old, and they were in the same class in their school. last friday afternoon they had a fight in class, and their teacher was very angry. he said to both of them, “stay here after the lessons this afternoon, and write your names a thousand times.” after the last lesson, all the other boys went home, but lan and fred stayed in the classroom with their teacher and begin writing their names.

结尾:the teacher looked at him and said,” why are you crying, fred?” “because his name’s lan may, and mine’s frederick hollingsworth,” fred said. 优秀英语演讲稿2分钟


开头:make every moment count one night, i complained to my mom about the lack of time. finally she said,’you are short of time just because you waste precious minutes on complaints and anxiety. the point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard, you can always fit in some thing more.’

结尾:time is the most valuable of all our possessions, but the most perishable as well. as henry david thoreau said,’you must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.’ whenever i fell the lack of time in the future, i will tell myself ‘carpe diem , seize the day, make every moment count.’


开头:英语演讲问问题技巧 对于中学生来说,英语是一门必修课,是我们通向世界的桥梁,因此学好英语是十分重要的。但是,英语不仅仅是一门学科,他首先是语言。语言是博大精深的,就如同我们的汉语,它的内涵是极其丰富的,所以,我们不应该为了学英语而学英语,而是应该学以致用。



开头:why is goal-setting important? because goals can help you do and experience every meaningful thing you hope for in life. instead of letting life happen to you goals allow you to make your life happen.

结尾:没有目标,你就必须过被动的生活。你不知道要去哪里,你想要什么,你为什么无精打采。然后你的生活会变得平淡而无意义,就像一个浑浊的湖水里的水一样。 关于目标的英语演讲稿范文


开头:as students born after 1990, we have so many advantages. we are usually kind and helpful. when someone is in trouble, we always give him or her a hand. we are also energetic. we like to do sports and go traveling. most of us can work hard in class and play happily afterwards. in addition, we are imaginative and creative. we always try something new and do everything differently.

结尾:相反,我们也有缺点。有时我们不能用合适的方式表达自己的观点;有时又过于自信。这些都让我们看起来不礼貌。 关于90后的英语演讲稿


开头:从大的方面看,英语 演讲词实际上是属于一种特殊的说明文或议论文,其基本组成部分是: 1)开始时对听众的称呼语 最常用的是 ladies and gentlemen,也可根据不同情况,选用 fellow students,distinguished guests,mr chairman,honorable judges(评委)等等。

结尾:when the aerials are down,and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism,then you are grown old,even at 20,but as long as your aerials are up,to catch waves of optimism,there is hope you may die young at 80. thank you!


开头:优秀英语演讲稿带翻译 we are busier and busier now. sometimes we just feel stressed and painful and we forget to smile. please smile! smile to others around you. smile to the world!

结尾:我们现在忙,忙。有时我们只是感到压力和痛苦,我们忘了微笑。请微笑!对别人微笑。向世界微笑! 微笑在我们的生活中是很重要的。对于自己,微笑可以使我们快乐和放松当我们悲伤或压力。当你微笑的时候,世界在你眼中更好。对另一些人来说,微笑可以让别人感到舒适和放松,他们会喜欢你。 此外,微笑可以给你带来成功。我曾经读过一个故事。推销员试图出售他最好的东西,但总是失败。然后,他学会了如何微笑。他笑了笑,别人觉得他是如此的友善,他的笑容很有吸引力,他们都想但他的事情。最后,成为成功的人。 不管你是快乐或悲伤,现在就做。微笑的力量是巨大的。它能使我们感到快乐,包括你自己。笑对世界,对他人和一切。 优秀英语演讲稿带翻译,尽在本站。


开头:smoking and health today smoking is a widespread habit ali over the world. not only the old, the youth, but also middle school students have been engaged in smoking. many of them think that smoking is a smart symbol.

结尾:然而,吸烟对人的健康是有害的,它会引起肺癌,在刚刚过去的几年中;许多人因此而丧命,还可能引发其他的疾病。总之,如果你吸烟的话,你就很可能失去拥有健康的机会,更进一步说,科学研究显示,吸烟不仅危害吸烟者本人,而且对公共健康来说,也是一个凶兆,尤其是对妇女和孩子。因此,许多国家都制定了不准在公共场合吸烟的法规,例如:电影院,车站,医院等地。 戒烟吧,如果你还未染上,请不要开始;戒烟吧,为了你的健康,为了你的家庭的健康,为了整个世界的健康。


开头:七年级英语演讲稿 my first english teacher dear friends! do you still remember your first english teacher? you may say:” yes.” everyone has his teachers, in my mind, i’ll never forget her—my first english teacher ms. li. without her, i wouldn’t be standing here. she is a young and lovely lady with beautiful eyes. her voice sounds sweet and she speaks english very well. that was the first impression she left on us when she first gave us an english lesson.

结尾:english and opportunities to speak english in class. so i was grateful for her. maybe i can’t meet her again. the only thing i can give her is my best wishes. i wish my dear teacher happiness, good health and good luck. and i also want to say to her: thank you, ms. li. i love you!


开头:well, everybody, my apologies for being delayed, and i thank everybodyfor their patience and look forward to a very interesting and comprehensive discussion thisevening. i want to begin by thanking foreign minister lwin and the government of myanmar,which has done a very solid job of leading asean as chair this year. and i also want torecognize our new ambassador to asean nina hachigian, who was confirmed just in time tobe here today. (laughter and applause.) we’re delighted to have nina on board, and i know allof you will really enjoy working with her.

结尾:the u.s. supports on the citylinks pilot partnership, which provide capacity building andtechnical (inaudible) programs on climate change adaptation among cities, is timely andeffective as we urgently need to tackle the negative effects of climate change. in this respect,we’ll work with the u.s. for the asean-u.s. joint climate change statement to be issued atthe second asean-u.s. summit. i look forward to have a fruitful discussion today to further address asean-u.s. engagementin a more comprehensive way. thank you, mr. secretary.


开头:小学生课前三分钟英语演讲稿 i often wonder what friendship is. friendship is too big a topic to talk about either specifically or generally. i guemost of us are still in a puzzling state about what friendship is, and i myself should be included. maybe people who define friendship according to his own life experience will say that they have a good concept of friendship, which i think is too narrow to get an objective definition of it. but how hard it would be to talk about friendship without mixing personal feeling in it, especially when it comes to the matter of closest friend. so here i would like to share my views with you about friendship, about my closest friend.

结尾:if a dog is his closest friend, what is human to him? you can imagine how would a person with his animal closest friend do to people. and maybe sometimes a dog can give him mental comfort, but what a dog likes best is just a bone. friendship is indeed an inborn desire of mankind, and it is relationship between people, not between people and animals. if you seek friendship, please seek it from people, from people around you.actually i have much more to say but… your criticism welcome 小学生课前三分钟英语演讲稿,尽在本站。

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